I Well Know Now


I now well know, my dear Jah frere

You’ve always been there

Always there

The trying times of my life

When I thought no one cared

That no one saw

And no one shared

Too shy, so shy was I

So skinny, so invisible

Who could love me?

And if so

I found hard to understand

I….in a skin too brown

And in a land so white

Felt that in my dark skin lurked

Only days on a downward arc

Saying to me at every turn

Turn back lest you be burned

Many a times I’d sought to hide

I didn’t know then

You’d heard every inner cry

That you saw, too

The perils, the snares

That I often just escaped by

Jah, you heard my cry


My God, my God!

Even at my impending birth

My young parents had in panic rushed

Into a wintry wee hour of night

Praying to see a rare city bus

Instead came a white man in his car

Crunching icy snow as he drove up

And gave them a welcomed ride

But trouble yet lay ahead

Because once in the surgery site

Their doctor gave my frantic dad

A bitter choice that night

Choose your baby or your wife

Of only one we can save life

My dad pleaded to just try

You, Jah, heard his cry

Despite mother’s tight pelvis

I was born wailing and safe

My mother relieved and sound

A happy family I’d found

Now, I know you were around

This ode could go on and on

Were all my life since then told

I am now getting old

Years past three score and ten

I remember and reflect

On the events of my life

And also now well know

All were beneficially God-sent

Whether small or big, way back when

Although I knew not Jehovah then

That took fifty plus stupid years

Before I decided to meet Him

When I did, it became only He

I came to love, adore and worship!


 He’d always counted me worthy

To become His friend

How could I ever make amends?

But here I am, so very grateful

That I get to sing to Him this ode

Before my life suspends

By Jahgirl

April 27, 2021