Id*IoT Id*IoM

WEBcome to the Spider Asylum

That ever-tightening

Invisible digital filament

Shrink-wrapping the entire earth

Cocooning its prey python-like

Slowly subtly suffocatingly

 Humanity succumbs eagerly

In ‘real time’

Their ‘real life’ squeezed out

Leaving behind dried-out husks

Easily digestible and then excreted

From God-given dust into dung

A wireless straight jacket

This thing that now defines and confines

This necessary indispensable thing

That is now in humanity’s service

Or is it vice versa?

This global thing called the IoT

The Internet-of-Things

Its cob-webby aggregators

Collecting and interconnecting

All the life experiences
Of all sentient beings on earth
Making all ‘lives’ available
To everyone anytime anywhere
With just a click of the ‘mouse’
After which ol’ Google-eyes roll and roam
Zooming at the speed of light
Through all digital connections
From pole to pole and longi-latitude
Finding ‘the answer’ to every query
For surely some ‘life’ has most indeed
Been there and done that
And has ‘shared’ or perhaps
Simply had their privacy stolen
Their secret actions spied upon
Their innermost words and

Some believe:

Their very thoughts

Eves-dropped upon
In order that all those

Impetuously ‘searching’
All…ALL shall find a connecting node

Within the coming IoM

The Internet-of-Minds

Kind of a Global Id

This ballooning IoT will find its way into

The entire Internet-of-Minds:
All that encompasses that vast collective of human actions
Hopes dreams ideas talents comments ‘likes’ ‘dislikes’
All our experienced actions/reactions/infractions
From pillar to post up sideways or down

That is

In a few ten dollar words:
Simply a wild schizophrenic syndrome

This Global Id in the IoT

Are we merely IDIOTs!

All men’s minds inevitably deranged

And re-arranged in a virtual ir-reality
As now we become global ‘Idiots’
All worldwide ‘knowing’ is supposedly


But worldwide sanity….



By Jahgirl


* ‘Id’, noun, in Psychoanalysis:1. The part of the psyche, residing in the unconscious, that is the source of instinctive impulses that seek satisfaction in accordance with the pleasure principle and are modified by the ego and the superego before they are given overt expression.