Certain men conjure their schemey dreams…

Dreams of travel among the stars

‘Star Trek’…..’Star Wars’….

       …’War of the Worlds’

     …..’The Martian Chronicles’

Having a seeming fascination with Mars

For them, life is reimagined…

    ….a refuge…..a paradise even… escape from

The fulsome but sucked-dry tit of Mother Earth

Our erstwhile home…dying and expendable

And fast approaching uselessness

For endless resource extraction

And…oh yes….for actually being able to live upon

That’s because of, you know, the climate change problem

That phenomena of cascading disasters

 Intruding on the natural processes of the earth

And, unsurprisingly

Brought on by those very same ones seeking to fly off

Whose disdain and neglect has resulted in Earth

Being poisoned, abused, genetically modified, dammed

   up, polluted, chemtrailed, drilled and fracked,

   paved over, irradiated, bombed and generally pillaged

   of every known resource  to be found in earth’s lands,

   lakes, rivers, canyons, mountains and oceans

Altogether having caused the very apocalypse they derisively call

       “Climate Change”

Therein lies their endearing gaze at Mars  

A rustic prospect ripe, untapped and yet….Dead

By turns freezing….scorching

With little or no atmosphere, gravity or water

And so….its Dead

Yet they have a plan…those dreamers

Counting on their inerrant scientific technology

To resuscitate the alluring Mars-orb

As for me, I consider one expert source:

The Bible

Which says it took Almighty God six ‘days’

To create the vibrant planet we now live upon

The Good Book also says, knowingly…

That with God, each ‘day’ means a ‘1000 years’

So as for a reconstructed Mars?

I conservatively reason that it will take at least

Six of those divine ‘days’…many, many more!

To terraform it perfectly…if at all

Therefore….I say to those who wish to go

Those men ill of soul and faulty in logic….

       …Illogic men…

You should just go

And possibly….probably…die trying

My humble logic is simple:

I’ll take what’s here now, alive and beautiful:

This earth perfectly prepared for mankind

Over red and dead Mars

 A breezy space trip there?

As often said of man’s ventures: what could go wrong?

 As for me….it’s also a matter of simple fact

Well known by any competent scientist

That the Mar’s landscape is also

         ……A Hellscape

As for this blue-green perfect planet

It is enough for me to find assurance

In an inerrant truth about this planet we call Earth:

God created it himself and said it was ‘Good’!

And further, he has promised…..

                   “It remains Forever




By Jahgirl

February 15, 2021