Itchy Scalp

Saw the ol’ Devil running by one day
He seemed a quite bit agitated
Busily scratching every which way
Crying, ‘I’m stumped and bedeviled!’

He couldn’t get at the itch in his head
He was both scheming and fuming
‘So just why aren’t they all dead
With all the evil that I’m doing?

In these last one hundred years
I’ve worked double overtime
Despite the catcalls and the jeers
From my ‘fallen’ cheering squad

I have done this and done that
But those hounds continue to deride
They surely know this well-known fact
I’ve left no trick stone unturned

On earth I’m T.D.I.C. here
(The Top Dog in Charge)
Reverse ‘dog’ as it may appear
For I yearn to be top ‘god’

The earth has been all mine
To do with as I will, so
I’ve not let much ‘light’ shine
From that ‘beloved’ brother so-called

Still, I just don’t get it
My snares have been full-bore
Since being rudely booted
From the heavens evermore!

In my fury I brought war
Engulfing the whole world
Wallowed in its bloody gore
Swam in man’s sea of tears

A second war I perpetrated
Helped them invent deadly arms
I literally vowed and consecrated
A covenant of hate and pain

Man has been soft puttycake
In my strong and gnarly hands
I repeatedly make and break
All their progressive plans

Against my particular arts
The humans cannot stand
Even with all five senses alert
My presence they can’t detect

My talents are varied and legion
And cover all six dimensions
Including activity in every region
I’m the master of this domain

But I scratch my head to bleeding
I’m Desperate for the answer
More kill-fields I am needing
By Hades, to spite my cosmic clan!

These humans have proliferated
Despite my ‘Club Skull and Bones’
No matter how many eviscerated
Still they and their lands go on

O’ why can’t I scratch this itch!
I agonize what to do next
I need a death-dealing kill-switch
To completely de-create!

I simply will not admit
How perfect this world, how resilient
I can’t and will not submit
To that One who said “I have conquered!” ‘



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