Jehovah Winked

During this year’s so-called

Path of Totality

That much anticipated moon’s eclipse of the SUN

In which even scientists, astrologers

   and amateur astronomers alike 

Handed over thousands of dollars

   for highly specialized

Telescopes spectrometers

   and specially designed cameras 

And booked up hotels motels

   and pieces of people’s back pastures

To be in the best positions

to see the three minutes of eclipse

I happened to be on a train

Going SW of ‘the cosmic event of the century’

Many fellow travelers were craning necks

And squinting eyes heavenward

At one point I myself looked up toward the Sun

And it was clouded over just enough

That I saw its circled outline filtered

   through that cloud cover 

And over-shading it

   a darker orb–the Moon

Leaving a crescent of the sun–


And, by my God…

it seemed to me

That without even having

   to put into use 

My $2 special-coated optics

cardboard glasses…

Jehovah had winked at me 😉