Just Glorious!

The insight of my morning’s prayer….

Glory Glory Glory Hallelujah!

Thank you, Almighty God Jehovah

For our Earth, our moon, our sun

That sustains we humans and all things

All living, thriving

Upon this tiny speck of a planet

Among unnumbered stars of our universe

In this time of 2022 human space exploration

We, I, have a deeper understanding

An even deeper appreciation for

That seemingly implausible possibility

Our Earth being among the tiniest planets

Within the unimaginable vastness

And the vacuum that is the cosmos

It’s only by your Glorious Mightiness

That ONLY Earth

Beacons as a searing blinking light in that void

Encapsulated by atmospheric gases

Regulated by a golden sun of unending energy

An unassuming bright Moon of raw power

All to support the fragile living creatures upon it

Glory! Glory!

And Most Glorious, O Jah?

You granted us living creatures of the dust

An invisible line from our heart to yours!

O Jah….in awed humility

Please accept my adoration and prayer!

In Jesus’ name

Glory Glory Hallelujah!


By Jahgirl

July 20, 2022