Latha’s Going

We knew you were sad

Maybe even a little mad

Who of us wouldn’t be?

Yes, even us…..Jehovah’s Witnesses

We, who have learned that death is only to sleep..

And to awaken refreshed

—but also to judgement—-

Alive again!….

To the possibility of life everlasting

Still, like they say: ‘A bird in the hand…’

So hard to put oneself in the unimaginable

Tranquility, love, harmony and beauty

Of the promised Paradise

Instead of the here and now

To the ‘in the moment’ experience

Of ┬áthe ‘right now’

`Right now’┬áseeing and feeling

the blinding rays of the sun

Cutting through the leaves of your garden trees

And hearing…..’right now’

The varied song birds singing their songs

Right now….yes, right now!

So we understand you were not angry with us

Nor could you be with Jehovah

Who we knew you worshipped exclusively

You did not seem to be too much in pain

You slept in the comfort of friends

Your spiritual family

Who watched over you night and day

We did not know Death

So soon

Would come at its own cruel time

And not ours

But in kind

And like a ‘thief in the night’

Death itself will feel Jah’s permanent sting

And be no more

Then we shall see Latha

Coming…..coming back