Let Us Speak of Shepherds in Men

So lost in this world

And who would search for us?


The epitome of God’s whole creation

We humans were allowed to set our own life-course

The creation was set at our God-given feet

And such ‘pretty feet’ we were given

But soon they became befuddled and clumsy

We began to confuse our right foot from left

We let them morph into club-feet

Some even became beastly and claw-like

They did not sustain our walks with our Creator

Our feet could no longer fit into His footsteps

Nor find His path which we were meant to tread

And we veered from His safe havens

The bountiful meadows and pure waterways

He had meticulously carved out for us

And vicious wolves, even now

Keep catching most of us

Woe for us, the  21st century lost sheep

Burdened with our clobber feet!

We panic in the dark ravines of this world

Where our wolfish rulers care naught

Whether they call themselves kings or presidents

A prime minister or an emperor

They neither care nor heed our pitiful bleatings

So then, desperate, we cry out in agony

Recalling those great Shepherds of old

And how God Jehovah had powered them

‘Lead us, O Moses!’

 Who herded multitudes through a wilderness

‘Fight for us, Brave David!’

Who slay the fearsome enemy Goliath!

‘Care for us, O Fine Shepherd!’

You, who fed the hungry ones

Healed, felt pity and searched for them

Led them back to safety

Or carried them if they could not walk!

Woe! Gone are those blessed men of old

But you, Jesus, Fine Shepherd

Did not neglect to raise for us ones like yourself

 ‘Gifts’ in everyday men

Craftsmen, laborers, tradesmen

Teachers, preachers, ministers

Bible-taught counselors and consolers

These men now shepherd

Today’s congregations of mankind

Those regrowing their sheep-like feet

Forming the modern flocks of GOD

Grazing contentedly upon the lands of the earth

Jehovah’s Witnesses


By Jahgirl

June 7, 2021