Life Alive

Eyelids rise

Sunlight intrudes

With it, familiar colors

And outlines of space and place

Muffled sounds of traffic ‘out there’

Melancholia for warm coziness ‘in here’

But no sliding back to unknowingness

The senses have been prodded

Knowingness must be considered

In all its manifestations

In all the things required to do today

Housework, family, food, job, school, bills….

‘Another day, another dollar’

Got a J-O-B with good benefits

Living ‘la viva de loca’

In the daily drudgery of it all

Cleaned, clothed, caffeinated

Then through the door and to my car I rush

And find myself in the fresh air of the living Earth!

There in the vibrant outside

Rays of the sun cast golden auras across my face

And registers its intensity

In the reactionary crinkling of my eyes

Against its searing brightness

Its heat sends prongs beneath my skin

My bloodstream begins to percolate

I swivel my eyes from the sun’s dazzle

And gaze hopefully at a billowing cloudbank

Its  glowering darkness portending rain showers

Snowy mountaintops beneath them

Whisper a promise of coolness

The wind rustling through the trees

Carry the chirps of their feathered residents

The heady fragrance of my lone rosebush

Subtly insinuates my nostrils

All of it promising love and laughter

And a fullness of the senses!

I am giddy in my God-given aliveness

In sync with the world outside

God’s living Earth outside my door

And truly now…..alive am I

By Jahgirl