It happened while we lulled

Let our instincts become dulled

Media majick bombarded us with images, angst

Seduced us through ‘influencers’ and pranks

Unfeeling, were we, by all the adversities

Visited upon lowlier human diversities

We were mute to crimes against humanity

Too few of us awake to the absurd inanities

So glad we were to not be on the receiving end

Of the hyper-lethal bombs ‘they’ would send

So happy to buy our irrelevant stuff on the cheap

Made by browner people just struggling to eat

The fat and the sassy love to self-congratulate

Their compassion and empathy they capitulate

For the well-off never lack for distractions

To keep them from examining their inactions

This cadre of the wealthy continue luxuriating

While the wretched of the earth boil, infuriating

Both sides obsessively occupied with life’s short view

While all life systems are modified, genetically askew

Ocean currents off-course due to toxic spewed oil

Within which our wondrous sea-life recoils

Fresh water-ways turned into lakes of contamination

Suffering plants and animals heralding our own damnation

There’s more, there’s more awry….so much more

While e-media prattles on in counterpoint to our snores

Big Media spouts hope in their formulaic programs

Ensnared as we are in this world-wide-web hologram

The three traps of money, sex, artificial intelligence

Cleverly baits all those salivating worldly elevance


But really, this story’s old

It has all been foretold

Of a wayward one

A powerful prodigal son

Who, rather than acknowledge errors

Devised devious ways to recruit all others

He, too, used majick and made grand promises

Sought to bend the world under his dominance

From serpent to high-tech mind-control enhancements

Man sleeps soundly under his many entrancements

Sleep made conducive by ever-darkening shadows

Blissful, ignorant of the soul-killing death that follows





All that has been in the darkness shall come to light

Indeed, the Light has been with us all this long night

A son who came to do the will of his Father above

A son among sons who became his Father’s Beloved

All who ‘liked’ that other one should now ‘unfriend’

Before you and his reign come to its foretold sad end

For that Prodigal Son, Satan, failed to corrupt

Jesus’ mission to overturn his evil plans and disrupt

Among myriads of sons, the Archangel himself is Jesus

With him is God and he conquers hate as he pleases

His Father’s plan for the earth continues as purposed

And in our King Jesus its imminent rebirth will surface


Almighty God will not delay, it will not be late

Shake from your sleep! Be awake for that date!


By Jahgirl