Moonwalker Fairytale

There once was a boy
Blessed by The True God
With a voice so very, very sweet
He sang like a bird a cappella
And seemed to dance upon the moon
With talent he brimmed
And was very, very marketable

Throngs came to watch him
Millions paid for his songs
Movies- he should not have tried
Still so much money flowed in
From what he performed best
As long as he kept the behest
Of certain men he’d made very, very rich

And rich he also became
Acolyte of a Prima Soulful Diva
The mascot of a modern Cleopatra
Husband to an Icon princess
And owner of a priceless book of songs
But the God he’d once served
In no time at all was very, very forgotten

Whatever he sought he bought
From homes to shoes to zoos
To even three bouncing babes
One day it dawned and he cried ‘I feel trapped’
And the refuge he took in paid men
To protect him instead of his God
Led to shame and a very very sad ‘the end


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