Most Majestically Magnificent QUINTESSENT Name

Like you, I’m sure

I prayed to ‘God’ for this and that

From my girl to womanhood

Raised by Southern Baptists

I most times called God ‘Jesus’

In retrospect I’ve determined

That most of my Bible learning

Came through attending

Those good ol’

Vacation Bible Schools

Run by local churches every summer

Our teachers broke the stories down

Like the Parting of the Red Sea

Into tantalizing

Bite-size crayon-coloring bits

But one thing they didn’t tell us

Was that the ‘God’ of the Bible

Was different from Jesus

And that He…like Jesus

Had an oft-mentioned name

As well

Nor did, later, any clergy

The pastors, priests

Or reverend doctors bother to note –

While they liberally sprinkled the names

 Adam and Eve, Moses and Job

Abraham Samson and Noah

Joseph Joshua Josiah Jeremiah

Matthew Mark Luke and John

Peter and the Apostle Paul

That way back in Exodus

The second book of the Bible

That ‘God’ had, indeed

Revealed his illustrious name!

As God had promised Abraham

He’d made his offspring

His Chosen People

And when they’d asked

‘Who are we to tell others you are’?

Hebrew scriptures show that God

Revealed his name in the form

Of four consonants – a tetragrametton

Y – H – W – H

And told them its meaning:



Using that tetragrametton

Almighty God further said

In Exodus 3:15

 “This is what you are to say…


The God of Abraham…Isaac and Jacob

Has sent me…”

“This is my name forever”

The tetragrametton

Yes, was unpronounceable

And in these modern times

Today’s ‘Chosen’

Disdain His name as too holy

And ignobly write it as ‘g _ d’

But thanks be to God himself

Starting with 15th century scholars

Bible translators added vowels

To the tetragrammeton

And man was finally able to vocalize

His Holy Name!

In Latin, YaHWeH

In English, JeHoVaH 



A name Majestic

A name Magnificent

A name encompassing everything

In the universe that is good

A name Quintessent

A name of which its four consonants


Are found in the Hebrew Scriptures

Some 7000 times!

(How many times would I

For an instance

Need to identify myself by name

Before it would dawn on you

That I really, really wanted you to

Call me by that name!)

So, knowing His exquisite name…I use it

Joyously! Rapturously!

Knowing its scriptural meaning

I am built up in faith

His name embodies an exhilarating aspect

Of His power and personality!

He Becomes

Whatever he wants to become!

And yet, this is most thrilling:

He wants us to know him personally

Jehovah wants to be real to us

Like a real friend

He introduces himself to us

So, as for me I will forever

Call often, abundantly, fervently

Upon my heavenly friend

By his revealed name

The most Majestically Magnificent

The most Quintessent name

In all the universe


According to Psalm 83:18

“May people know that you, whose name is


You alone are the Most High

Over all the earth”

O how Beauteous the name!



By Jahgirl