A (Nary) Merry Season

What a (nary) merry season!
And what a twisted reason

As we look out for Satan…..
Oops! I mean jolly SAN-ta!

In his red suit and pitchfork
Uh, sure… the reindeer sort!

You know, to make them fly?
(Oh dear….how many lies!)

In this way Sat…I mean Santa
Circles the world in an instant

Brings gifts and lots of toys
For those with money—-joy!

(For those with little or none
A lump of coal or donated one?)

But, he’s really a good ol’ guy
If, indeed, a quite bit sly

Scares little kids in his get-up
Coddling them for the set-up

Behind his white-bearded ‘mask’
(‘Is that the Devil?’ they seem to ask)

He tells them he is the gift-giver
All to make them his believers

Knows what makes them satisfied
How fast they must be gratified

Makes it fun and festive lights
For a month of winter nights

And in all the happy jolly jingle
Most of men, not one single

Reveling in this CHRIST-mas
Thinks of Jesus as such-or much

That his birth is a date unknown
The winter solstice he doesn’t own

Nor do they recall that gift of God
The son who shed his own blood

To keep us alive until this day
And we celebrate him this way?

Jahgirl       01/31/2015


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