News & Views

My head’s in a swirl

From the news of this world

All it really means to me

Is a nightmare fantasy

What’s real is surreal

I don’t know the deal

The TV broadcasts news

The printed ‘Times’ its views

The radio blasts many voices

The net provides alt choices

All versions of the same theme

A distinctly demonic meme

Choose any media sage

All spew the same garbage

Reporting tragedies and angst

Or frivolous gossip and pranks

But at the end of the day

As wise Solomon assayed

Everything having been said

And texted, heard and read

The conclusion is simply thus

Just one ‘news’ is a must

It is true, real and Good

It well-nourishes like food

It builds up and delights

And brings light to the night

‘Come near, come hear’

What this ‘Jesus’ declares

‘Good news! Get yours!’

‘I have conquered the world!’