All humanity has now become Job.

Global tribulation, calamitous contagion:

(O God! The mass extinctions of animal species as we push them out of their habitat and our foul pollution sickening them and ourselves and why O God!  are they even slaughtering the Buffalo and horse herds (who are they hurting?) so ruthless the sonar-deaths of our ocean sea life and brutal harvesting of body parts of sharks elephants dolphins seals etc etc our precious animal souls not to forget dear Lord! inhumane ‘manufacture’ and slaughter of docile cow and sheep and chicken and pig Have mercy o God!  record-breaking heat waves earth-wide and great wildfires fed by derecho-like winds lightning and hail earthquakes monsoons floodings earth changes more intense increasing frequency and magnitude radiation bacteria and drug-resistant ‘viruses’ infecting both man and technology vs man everything genetically modified in the created image of something not a good god demanding O save Most High! our very sons and daughters sacrificed to feed his rage for having fallen from grace his bloodlust gorged in world-engulfing wars since 1914!)

The one meddling and rebelling—

Finding his delight in roving about the earth—

Banished from the heavens by the tested Word–

Vanquished from before the Almighty Throne!

“Woe for the earth and for the sea!

The Devil has come down to you!”


All must become as Noah:

(Who did “just so”; building the Ark according to all that Jehovah God had instructed; saving all righteous souls: his wife three sons their wives and pairs of animals for a restored earth)

As Moses against Pharaoh.

As David against Goliath.

As the meekest one of all godly men:

As brave as Jesus.

The earth has become defiled.

Bloodguilt has polluted the land.

The earth must vomit its defilers.

The productive land is like Sodom.

The blood of innocents drench Gemorrah.

The raging lion-meddler is out to ruin

That which he had no part in creating.

He pants to spoil the divine beauty.

He sows his demon seed of hate and war.

Like a jilted lover he vows:

‘If I cannot have her, no one can!’

He prepares his seed for holy war:

To feint the ankle joust of the Word

To thwart divine edict and deal the deadly blow!

He has gathered all the kings of the earth.

Given to them starwars-tech battle arms.

His Hubble tele-eye scans the stars.

He plans not to be caught off guard!

But judgement will come like a thief.

He and his minions will not toast wine.

But be caught in the wine-press itself.

Who dare look back upon grapes of wrath!

The crushing anger of God’s wrath!

We shall all now become Lot.

Love the True God. Escape! Do not look back!

Turn not to salt. Do not look back!