(The Evergreen tree that truly honors Jesus)


Noble trees of the Mount of OLIVES!
Your groves take their stand for Jah’s might
Your attributes I humbly covet
For you bear up to harshness despite
In climes hot dusty and harsh
In rocky soil upon the steep hillsides
Your roots clench with strength and vigor
Your trunk gnarled and ashen outside
Your bushy lush treetop foliage
Leaves slender with a grey-green sheen
All droughts you take in great stride
Who would guess you’re an evergreen?
Your life can span hundreds of years
Six shoots will soon appear from your roots
Even if cut down in your prime
In ten years each will bear choice fruit
Your fruit is an olive-green berry
So bitter until soaked in a brine
Then delicious when pickled or stuffed
Or fine oil when pressed like grape wine
How I, a ‘wild branch’ of your family
Want so much to be just like you
You’ve been cultivated watered and pruned
O the majestic ways you’ve been used!
Your leaves were returned to Noah
By a dove when God’s flood had receded
Your branches were used to build booths
Which Israel’s yearly festivals needed
In a vision Zechariah saw two of you
‘Standing alongside the LORD’
You stand as ‘witnesses’ of Him on the earth
Symbol of the Anointed above in His court

Often upon the Mount of Olives
In the pleasant groves of Gethsemane
Which means ‘oil press’ in Aramaic
Jesus prayed among you, it’s mentioned
There the carpenter taught disciples
And among your trees slept many nights
There he explained the ‘signs of his presence’
In a future time fraught with fright
He made his humble entrance
Over the slopes of your thick orchards
Astride the bony back of a little colt
To accept a crown of thorns and torture
At his death all of you must have wilted
Your olives shriveled and fell off
Your branches must have drooped in sorrow
The wind howled and wailed bereft


O Olive trees you saw such a wonder!
Because Jesus appeared as out of the blue
Walked among your groves not long after
And to heaven with angels he flew!
Let me join you, blessed trees
Upon those grand slopes of Mount Olive
Among the lofty groves in Gethsemane
All my soul and heart I would give
Lop off ungrateful and barren boughs
Refusing to bear good first fruit
Wild branch that I am, please graft me in!
My yield will be everlasting tribute
I yearn to be one of Christ’s Trees
Decorated only in Holy splendor
A fulsome Olive Tree– a ‘witness’ tree
Standing tall for the Son and his LORD



By Jahgirl


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