One Imagined Way – A Story

“Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; You will look at where they were, and they will not be there.” Psalm 37:10

“That is how it will be in the conclusion of the system of things. The angels will go out and separate the wicked from among the righteous.”    Matthew 13:49


One Imagined Way


He awakened to the muted swish of his heavy drapes automatically uncovering his floor-to-ceiling easterly windows to reveal the first rays of the sun dawning over the distant mountains. Of course, he’d had this particular house built just to such specifications: upon ten acres away and above the nearby metropolis, architectural plans demanding his master bedroom have adjoining and expansive views facing east and north. The mechanics of the home were computer –managed by an off-site programming firm to see that such things as his drapes opening at precisely 5:30 am did just that.

In this way he could spend up to 15 minutes prying his bleary eyes open and getting his tangled thoughts fully sorted and ready for his very busy day. But, no more than 15 minutes—his days were chock full of plans to implement and meetings to chair. There was the untidy business in West Africa and parts of Indonesia—thousands claiming that his non-govermental organization and foundation’s vaccination program was sickening and killing—not saving—people! Well, it was no secret that his pharmaceutical company was, ultimately, making money from governments to provide the treatment but….all for a good cause, right? He smiled inwardly. Yes, he mused, ‘For depopulating a few million excess humans from this planet! Only doing my part to make the world a better place for me, my family and friends.

Considering how things were going, he had to concede that the global plans that he and scores of other heads of corporations, tech (‘Oh, how paramount was the surveillance tech!’) and finance giants, universities–even governments–had signed on to, were apparently working.  But it was still quite daunting to put a dent in populations. They all were aware that he and his crony’s varied manipulations were not unnoticed by critically-thinking journalists and activists of all stripes. What a headache they could be. Fortunately, their stories rose and fell and disappeared in the frantic and chaotic news cycle; the majority of peoples paid scant attention, so addicted were they to an unending slew of electronic social media entertainment content.

He rose and walked into his sauna/bathroom for a long, steaming shower. He turned on the shower head but was sure he’d heard something besides spurting water. He turned it off to cock his head and listen again. Yes, there it was…..his doorbell. At this ungodly hour? Who’d have the nerve? Just for a moment his curiosity turned to concern lest there actually was some kind of familial catastrophe unfolding, but he quickly dashed that thought in the knowledge that his wife and children were safely ensconced in Switzerland skiing at that moment. But where were his security guards? They should have encountered whoever had approached his home, asked their business and alerted him by the secure phone in his bathroom. There should rarely be any doorbell actually ringing in this house!

He put his bathrobe back on and padded down three levels of stairs to a landing overlooking the front door entrance. He saw the faintest outline of a man through the muted glass side panels.  Where are the guards! He was rather sorry that he was going to have to fire some of them later on today for this dereliction of duty!

He slowly walked down to the door, wracking his memory as to whether there was some potential urgency he’d previously discussed in business meetings, but could think of none but the usual bad press. He winced and gritted his teeth—there was not even a sign of one of the half dozen housemaids that usually were scurrying around. When was the last time I actually had to open my own front door? His hand grasped the doorknob but he could not bring himself to turn it. It dawned on him of how ridiculous this would look to anyone watching. One of the captains of industry in his fort-like home on his own acres of well-maintained and walled-in land, but afraid to open his own front door. He put his hand down. It would not be unreasonable, it occurred to him, to at least ask who it was through the door.

“Who’s there? How dare you approach my door this early in the morning!”

There was no response or answer. Just silent waiting.

“How did you get through my guards! I’m calling the police if you do not leave my premises!”

The man spoke finally. “You must open the door now.”

He was taken aback. It was a demand, but without malice or violence. Almost soothing, in fact, but it stoked his feelings of indignation and bluster. How dare he!

He turned the knob and cracked open the door.

The man stood at least six foot tall, wore a pale blue shirt over matching trousers, and a pleasant and benign smile. “You must come with me now”, he said.

He stared uncomprehendingly at the curious stranger, paralyzed at the sheer audacity of someone at his door talking to him as if he was some kind of entitled squatter!

“What….?”, he sputtered. “Get away from my door before I call my guards…and..and the police!”

“It has been decided. You must come with me now”, the stranger said calmly.

“Decided?…..decided? What are you talking about? Decided by who?!”

“By Jehovah.”

He stared at the stranger with increasing anger. “Just who in the world is this Jehovah, sir, and why do I care?”

The stranger said to him, “This Jehovah that you do not care about is the one who caused this land and indeed, this entire earth, to be here. And now, he is rightfully taking back title from all those who have not treated his creation with respect. And he will deal with you justly….and restore the land.”

The stranger’s voice, mesmerizingly sure and strong, made him shiver although he was not cold.  He felt strength drain from every cell in his body. This was too unbelievable and yet, he was truly feeling dread and fear. “This is ridiculous, whoever you are! I am closing the door now…go away!”  He put his weight against the door to close it but it would not budge. Finally, in desperation, he asked the stranger:

“Who is Jehovah? How can he do this?”

“Jehovah is the Living and Almighty God”, the stranger said.

He almost laughed except for his fear. “God? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“I am not, and you, and all those like you, must come to know that he—Almighty God—is Jehovah, and causes all to be.”

Then his hand relaxed as though he had not a muscle left in his entire body and his front door swung open seemingly on its own and he walked toward the stranger and together they walked down his winding driveway and disappeared into the trees.


“But the meek will possess the earth, and                  “And he will wipe out every tear from

They will find exquisite delight in the                        their eyes, and death will be no more,

Abundance of peace.”    Psalm 37:11                           neither will mourning, nor outcry, nor

                                                                                            pain be anymore. The former things

                                                                                            have passed away.”    Revelation 21:4



By Jahgirl

June 9, 2018