Oxymoronically ‘Cool’

‘Why you wanna be so Oxymoronically ‘Cool’?’

So, here’s the first rule of being

THAT person

That indisputably oxymoronic

So hip….so ‘cool’

So ‘Elon Muskish’…..

So much an oxy-MORON:

YOU believe that man can best God

You are prone to accept

Any ‘New’ and/or ‘Improved’  

Or futuristic  idea or thing

That purports to

Better our God-created world

For example:


Like reprogrammed DNA embryos

For designer babies


Like higher-yielding agriculture through

Genetic Modification or mutation

of living organisms


Like drinking Ionized alkaline water

Which, ‘they’ say

Is healthier than pure H2O


Like believing

That high frequency radiation

(in so-called low doses of 4-5G)

Emitting from 1000’s of towers

And satellites in low orbit

Won’t harm humans


Also accepting that poisons

Like herbicides and insecticides

Will only wipe out bugs


Then there’s this gem:

 Guns don’t kill people

By some inanimate will of their own

(And neither, by that reasoning

 Do knives or AK-47s

Or rifles or tanks or nuclear bombs)

So obviously, arguably

There’s nothing wrong


Manufacturing millions of them!!


Then here’s the big one at issue:

Climate Change on Earth!

That problem

According to the geniuses who run the world

Is going to be ultimately solved

By dumping Earth like yesterday’s garbage

And building perfect habitats on Mars

….or the moon

….or some other planet far, far away


And lastly, the new anthem:

Humans don’t need anyone

To tell us what’s right or wrong

As life is pretty good…and getting better



They’re smarter than us human engineers

And their computerized

Artificial Intelligence

Will save us


From ourselves


Yet unhip retrograde that I am


That he did not give all of us

Such radical and ‘cool’ genius



By Jahgirl

January 14, 2019