Prince of Ages


Of what are we to make of man’s dares?

All the things he yearned, how he fared?

Lovingly, God provided some hints

Allowed prophets a powerful glimpse

Into our entire existential stream

By way of His written Word supreme

Would we be surprised to see a distinct thread

Of ONE destined to wear a crown on his head?


It all began upon the scene of Creation

God’s angelic sons applauding in elation

In seeing earthling man walk in their image

With wo-man created from man’s ribcage

But one jealous son played as if a serpent

And told man he could sin without consent

Seducing man and his mate from their Maker

Of his cup of lies they became partakers

Yet God noted a son who loved earthly man

Placed that ‘master worker’ in His higher plan

God’s warning was prophetic and rankled

To the serpent: ‘of that ONE you’ll bite his ankle’

‘But your skull he will deal a crushing blow’

‘And he will conquer and save the world below’


Man and his wo-man now found themselves

Alone, without God, and covered in leaves

After being evicted from their garden haven

Where the earth beyond looked wild and craven

Angels peered into the theatre of man’s events

Wondering if Creator would ever relent

Yet some followed their brother cum serpent

Whose lust for beautiful wo-man was fervent

Together they begat extra-ordinary humans

Each of them taller and stronger than two men

Their feats were mythical and even god-like

And they lorded over all within their satellite

The Creator regretted the men he had birthed

And sadly decided to wash them off of the earth

But ONE son always believed in man’s potential

Pointed out to God a man faithful, essential

The man’s name was Noah, ‘bringer of consolation’

Surviving the Great Flood, he fathered a nation

For he’d followed instructions, building an ark

Forty years working ‘just so’ he’d embark

Afterward his sons built cities and towers

Humans struggled, but some garnered powers

Those few built empires, and gaudy kingdoms

Or became immoral like Gomorrah and Sodom

Against these, God heard such loud outcries

He sent down two angels as watchful spies

ONE, I daresay, greatly loved the sons of man

He determined to save as many as he can

He well knew of Lot, a nephew of Noah

To be among the true worshipers of Jehovah

In Lot was a good man begging mercy

For any resident deemed the least worthy

The Sodomites proved as bad as reported

So fiery extermination was to be resorted

Lot’s family alone proved to earn God’s pity

Out of the hundreds of sinners in both cities

Of the two spies there surely was that ONE

Whose protection was with Lot all along


Now comes Great Moses leading a torrent

Of Noah’s to Abraham’s offspring of current

He brought from a mountain a precious tome

Of God’s ten commandments written in stone

They’d tell the laws of the True God to model

How to worship Him instead of pagan idols

God sent ONE angel+ as they were tested

Guarding their roaming and when they rested

For centuries they were led and protected

In wars against nations God selected

Are not all these intrigues and mysteries

Inscribed for our knowing in Bible histories?

The pages are full of battles lost and won

From God there seemed always a champion 

ONE who was not always seen or known

ONE for whom love for man was always shown

To Joshua, once he identified himself

As ‘a prince of Jehovah’s army’= sent to help


Centuries later, Israel lost God’s favor

Lost their Temple and again were slavers

But exiled Daniel maintained pure worship

A secret was revealed as he was worth it

The messaging angel had been delayed

By the ‘prince of Persia’, he relayed**

But he only succeeded by an important hint

An angel he called ‘Michael, your prince’<

Daniel continued to be given sacred insight

In another visit by that same angel of light

In an end-all battle between right and wrong

That same prince was close by all along

Was called ‘Michael’ and will certainly stand

As the ‘great prince’ on behalf of man>


Even years before Daniel, Isaiah foretold#

The coming of a ruler, a savior so bold

Who would come as a baby, as a man like us

And he even wrote that he’d be called thus:

“Wonderful counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father”

And note: “Prince of Peace”, among others

This prophecy was fulfilled in Christ Jesus

Of whom the world knows did as God pleases

Dying himself, to save mankind from death

That they were due for their Adamic-sin path

Of this selfless ‘prince’ we all know and love

He made it clear he was from a realm above

In giving his life he passed God’s test of faith

So to the right of God’s throne he was placed

There in the heavens he was second to God

That ONE would rule over God’s angel myriads

He was given overarching power over all

In the heavens would make the Archangel call

Paul later wrote that ‘the Lord’ would rejoice

Calling to life ‘with an Archangel’s voice’ ***

Whereas Jude 9 informs without a doubt

That only ‘Michael the Archangel’ had such clout

In a dispute with ‘the Devil’ about Mose’s body

We now see Jesus as the ONE, or it’d be folly

Not to see his enthronement as ‘the archangel’

Who is ‘the beloved’ the Bible calls ‘Michael’

Indeed, the Hebrew meaning of the name itself

Means ‘who is like God?’; well, Jesus himself!


From the beginning to the end of our saga

Jesus has been the Alpha and the Omega

He’s been with mankind through all the ages

Loving us, saving us whenever evil rages

Pitting himself against the snares of Satan

As that one roamed earth wrecking havens

Challenging their heavenly Father as ‘a liar’

Our Prince will soon pitch him into hellfire

Jehovah God crowned him, JESUS, with power

To win the Good war in that end-time hour!

He’s no longer a Prince, he is our divine KING

‘He has conquered the world’…we shall all sing!


By Jahgirl

January 12, 2019


** Ezekiel 30:13, Daniel 10:13, 20

 + Exodus 23:20 

= Joshua 5:14

< Daniel 10:21  

> Daniel 12:1 

#  Isaiah 9:6

***  1st Thessalonians 4:16   ]