Psychosis Massively Formed

Mass Formation Psychosis

You’ve surely heard

Defines the mind-bending tricks

The delusional and illogical theories

That we now naively entertain

About man, his nature and nurturance

His adherence to starry-eyed sci-fi imaginings

While turning a blind eye

To the stupendous

Day-in and day-out

Never-banal, awesome realities

Of the world that Almighty God gave us

Instead, we masses of malleable

Fertile and fetid minds

Have allowed them to be sown

With magic seeds of illusory adventure and glory

Such as that God’s laws no longer pertain

To us….and to our progeny

Instead, man increasingly seeds only wild dreams

And Wo-man, for her part

Prefers to not nurture his natural seed

In her own massively formed psychosis

Which says it is her ‘God-given right’

Yes…just like God

To create…

Or un-create life

Those of that mindset, man as well as wo-man

Have formed a coven of massively deluded psychopaths

Unknowing adherents of the ancient bewitched

Who willingly passed their newborns

Through searing fire

To honor none other than ‘Molech’

An evil false god sowing evil

Sordid tricks and theories of self-determination

In any case…

This modern-day mass psychosis

Technologically crowd-sourced

Having spawned rebelliousness…

Precious spilt seed…child-sacrifice…


Are an abomination before the Almighty Creator Jehovah!


By Jahgirl

May 3, 2022