A Pure Language

Jesus came in the glory of HIS name
The ‘Chosen Ones’ alone knew of his fame
Knew He was The ONE Most High
Knew He created man and the sky
Lived on His manna and His every word
Survived by His might all enemies’ swords
The Hebrew Moses started His Book
Which latter priests and kings forsook
So now it has come to this as foretold
For all the peoples in the world to behold
‘Good news of the kingdom’ has been preached
All corners of the earth have now been reached
By sore feet, camel, donkey and boat
‘Not possible to reach all’, the evil one gloats
But today The Word rides a high frequency wave
Where all with electronic devices can get saved
The World Wide Web is a bane or a blessing
In God’s World Wide Work there is a lesson
HE said we’d nurse at the breast of earthly kings
And even strive on their craven milk and things*
Thus His faithful son has led his true ones
To the fruitful use of iPads and smartphones
And through the ‘miracle’ of the Divine Programmer
Translates to all nations whom He now enamors
To read to hear to learn together in real time
To find Him by way of a Pure Language sublime
So that ALL may call on the name of Jehovah**
Draw close to Him and know its meaning forever
We no longer ‘babble’ and squabble and flail
Among our unknown tongues and tales
All has come true just as God has said
Earth has become filled with his knowledge***
Ihova          Yehoa
Yawe.                      Jahowa
Yehovah                                    Jahue
Yihowa                                                      Zahova
Ieoba                                                                 Jiova
Ysave.                                                         YAHWEH
Yeoba                                                                     Iova
Cehofv                                                                    Ya’wen
Yahuwa.                                                           Yehofa
Sihova                                                     Yekova
YAHWE                                                 Jakwe
Yewoi.                                     Iehova
Jehoba                      Iehovan

Jahgirl 11/07/14
*Isaiah 60:16 ** Zephaniah 3:9 ***Isaiah 11:9

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