Random readings…other’s musings

Random readings on one day in the upturned world of COVID-19 coronavirus, in other’s own musings…….May 9, 2020

’Two absurd months after …my coronavirus symptoms’; Slate.com Abstract: after contact with a friend who tested positive for the cov-19, he had mild symptoms, shortness of breath, dry cough, fever, chills; even loss of appetite, pinkeye and a new symptom: lack of morning NPT, nocturnal penile tumescence, during the previous week!;  local clinic was overwhelmed so personal Dr. gave RX for nose swab test some 3 weeks later, it would take 2-7 days for results, in meantime he couldn’t get antibody tests anywhere, labs wouldn’t even accept his blood, which he thought might have some antibodies that could help someone else; on day 9 his test results: negative; he should have been elated, but he was doubtful;  news reports began telling of the frequency of ‘false negative results’ and there was the shocking story of the 39 year old woman tested because of her respiratory problems who’d collapsed dead in her home before her test had come back. He’d concluded “the testing fiasco, with its delays and false negatives has made it impossible to trace contacts” as successfully as a few other countries. “By now, a chain of infection I may have started could have infected thousands, but we just don’t know. This mass uncertainty is central to our worst-in-the-world outbreak.”


‘This Trail is Not Your Trail’; Outsideonline.com

Abstract: The young ER doctor finally had enough income to realize his dream of buying a home for his wife and family in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. It was nearly a year before he received his first note under his windshield wiper: “Do not park on this private road”. Soon he encountered men who told him not to do his jogging or biking on their ‘Private Trails’…and they were not open to any discussion about it, even after he explained he himself was a homeowner among those trails and was willing to maintain them for the community. One told him: “I have guns”; another mentioned he could be sued. He writes: “It’s starting to feel like a very threatening world.”  He began to realize: “…there may be easement laws protecting the public’s right to use these trails but the ultimate ’right’ to the land seems to belong to whoever can pay a lawyer more or has connection to authority.’  Then he asked himself: “Second, is this: what is the decent thing to do? The neighborly thing to do?” He ends with these wistful words: “Look carefully enough, however, and you will see yourself in your neighbor. All alone together, quarantined here on earth.”


‘………Kicking the Saudis to the Curb; The Beginning of Something Not Terrible’; zerohedge.com

Abstract: The article expounds on the idea that the United States seems to be prepared to distance itself from its ally Saudi Arabia and its five year  human tragedy of a war in Yemen, stating: “The war against Yemen has reached its terminal stage and it only took the impending financial collapse of the entire world to get it done.” The article makes the point that with oil prices tanking to as low as minus $37 recently, the US is realizing that “…. .oil should no longer be central to foreign policy objectives.” Why? Because the article seems to say, we are in “a much poorer, desperate world than the one we had before the fear of COVID-19”; continuing: “And in the grand scheme of the emerging post-COVID world is our support of the vicious Saudis all that important…….?”


‘This is not a Conspiracy. It is a Terrifying Opportunity’; www.counterpunch.org

Abstract: The writer discusses all the ramifications of why and whether our current coronavirus pandemic is real, fake or to be taken seriously at all. After much is said and propounded, this is the important takeaway requirement according to the writer: “….actively engaged citizens who can hold power to account and have the confidence to rethink and imagine alternative visions for the world.” And later writing: “…while also asking serious questions about how we might use the crisis to rethink those conditions which make people vulnerable in the first place.” Citing serious concerns about the dangers posed by the evermore powerful ‘techno-pharma-military’ entities, the writer comes to a most important conclusion: “….we should also be terrified by the claim that technology is the only thing that might save us.”


Just maybe, the world is thinking……the world is taking note.

Compiled by Jahgirl,  May 10, 2020