Tell me……

Who, exactly, are you?  Your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’?

Your ‘preferences’..your ‘faves’?

What are your thoughts?

Just ‘Blog’ your learned opinions;

‘email’ to all your well-considered  responses.

‘Share’ your innermost feelings;

‘Tag’ the pictures of your life and friends.

‘tweet’ your every move.

When you eat, try this:

Gorge on the tasteless GMO foods.

When you are sick:

Heal upon the witches-brew

Of the corporate-pharma drug lords.

Inject ‘vaccines’ of sickening organisms.

Drink ‘Big Gulps’ of mind-altering  RX panaceas.

Let the learned men pick apart your DNA/RNA.

When you seek answers…

‘Google it.’ Call up ‘Alexa’

Better their ‘eyes to see’ and ‘ears to hear’?

Best for them to ‘search’ and ‘text’!

And, by the way…what makes you happy?

To ‘love, and be loved’?

Oh, how not cool!

Gaming is cool.  Online.

‘War’ games—even cooler.

What turns you on?

Turn on TV.

Stream movies into your every device.

Catalogue your personal iTunes.

Update continually.

Download it all.

Archive it all….or not.

It will be auto-archived.

Somewhere. Up there.

In the ‘cloud’ (sinister ‘heavens’).

Data. Quadrillions of bits.

From bit indefinite…to bit indefinite.

The dark re-programmer works.



To re-code Jah’s creation

In his perverted digital image.

Re- CAL-cu-LAY-ting….

                                  By Jahgirl 2013