Reason to Get Up In the Morning

No J-O-B when retired
No boss clock-watching
No time clock to punch
No paychecks expected
No cubicle office gossip
No free break-room coffee
No cream cheese bagel to work off
No commuter talk show laughs
No office hi-jinks and parties
No way to live, tho, slaving for money
No reason to get up in the morning

Yes, Jah is patiently waiting
Yes, His ‘appointed time’ beckons
Yes, spread the Good News
Yes, drink of Jesus’ cup instead
Yes, feed on his bread to fullness
Yes, travel the road to life
Yes, be cheered every morning
Yes, the workers are few but zealous
Yes, Jah will always want you
Yes, a worthy job description

And Yes, the pay is astral-nomical!

Yes, arise, get up, with good reason!

Jahgirl  April 9, 2014


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