God created this world

A ‘garden’, mentioning a son

They put all the beauty in it

And gave it to man to run


Thus the first man, Adam

With the first woman, Eve

Peopled the garden called ‘Eden’

But all were forced to leave


Rather than God’s decree

They’d believed a serpent

An evil ‘son’ in disguise

And didn’t turn back to repent


In many centuries of man’s

Interactions with the True God

A people were chosen

And bestowed a divine rod


Many esteemed kingdoms

They’d founded and lost

Becoming finally mere plebs

Of their great Roman hosts


Their rabbis consoled them

A Messiah would come

Restore them to prominence

God’s will would be done


That savior appeared

To them a mere ragamuffin

Satan alone perceived him, but  

Jesus saw Satan, ‘already fallen’


Since Adam’s banishment

Satan ruled all man’s regents

He offered Jesus that chance

In exchange for sole allegiance


Jesus demurred, was crucified

Kept sole worship instead

To his father, the Creator

Choosing Jah’s Kingdom to lead


War in the heavens ensued

Spiritual, invisible to us

Satan lording over all the earth

Jesus, the heavenly cosmos


This day, perhaps, comeuppance!

Satan’s ‘haughty one’ reels

Inside his mighty White House

For all the world to see


To his unbelieving eyes

Awakened ones, like Jesus

 Are demanding he ‘go away’

‘Do no more as Satan pleases’


Now, we see not very far off

Yes, the Greater King JeshuA*

Uniting both heaven and earth

For a ‘garden’ now fit for JAH!


By Jahgirl

January 6, 2021

* Aramaic name for ‘Jesus’