Back in the hectic days of Moses

His entitled but unappreciative people

Brought scourge, a blight, a deadly contagion

Even as they were about to enter

The Promised Land

Within days….so imminent

Where was their restraint!

Had they not been taught and then warned

About God’s laws and the good things

The fat and riches of the lands

That were about to be handed to them

Their God… benevolent

Was now witness to their wanton disparagement

Of His commandments

Their having illicit sex with the apostates

From cities outside their encampments

Laying down with accursed women

Right before the eyes of all

In the holy encampment

And now…today…before the World!

Among every religion espousing

Godly morals and chasteness

The bonds of their flimsy tenets have unwound

Men—all men—demonstrate deep abhorrence

Of all of Almighty God’s commandments

Upturning all his natural laws of creation

Misusing for demonic control

All His physical laws in the service of

Nuclear war, space travel adventurism

Unequal wealth generation

Feudal land and wage enslavement

Genetic modification of his human

Animal, sea and plant genomes

Women believing in their right

To sacrifice

To modern-day false Mol-lach-gods

Abetting the killing of their unborn

Even their justborn

Redefining human gender to encompass

All unnatural orientations

And confusing our innocent young

With eager gusto

So much more… much more

Innumerable sins and transgressions

Against the divine laws of God

In, now this, the 21st century



Therefore, is once again upon us



By Jahgirl 

May 30, 2021