She Cried Blood Tears

She cried blood tears
At the hope and fulfillment of her fears

In sadness she cringes
At the calamitous state of this system of things

First the tribulations
And at God’s appointed time restoration

Now evil signs everywhere
At the news everyday she would stare

Christendom had no shame
Misleading people on the basis of his name

Nations were unbending
Pouring out wars with terrors unending

Her tears left red traces
As the earth gagged and shook in seismic places

Just as Jesus had warned
All things progressed from bad to abhorrent

She knew the signs
But still could not extinguish her sighs

She cried blood tears
As red as that shed by her Christ held dear

She pined to serve
His spiritual banquet to those who starve

His food was life-saving
In a suffering world the only haven

Her blood tears were copious
Though knowing things were not hopeless

Evil set such a pace
Its foulness oozed to the rims of outer space

In her human view
God, His son and The Kingdom was overdue

Her tears she endured
She’d wait on the One whose promise was sure

She understood and knew
In good faith for now it would have to do

She cried in adoration
In union with Jesus the earth and restoration

Brimming tears now rife
Blood mixed with Christ’s waters of life


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