In 1999

The end of the 20th century

The cusp of the 21st century

Analog electronics was to be phased out

And the new age of digital electronics was decreed

In this country and the world

Therefore, in 1999 the world panicked

Led to believe that all computers

Would crash as 1-9-9-9 tried to flip to 2-0-0-0

As it happened, there was no disruption

But still, a new reality had dawned

Along with the new ‘personal computing’

And the ‘World Wide Web’

An electronic digital chimera was born

But no, the world did not come to an end


Those running the world rushed ahead


With their pre-planned new-age agenda

Unleashing the atom for nuclear energy

(and for making bombs)

Fomenting wars all over the planet

(destructive to all life on earth)

Promoting all the sins that God detests

Within the activities of mankind

Overturning all norms of decency

Promoting every form of sexual deviancy

And alternative gender expression

Inciting the ‘rights’ of women to demand


Commit genocide through infancticide

Fleecing of the powerless by the powerful

Inundating the earth’s stratosphere

With 1000s of radio-frequenced satellites

An electronic concentration camp

Racing to split the atom and find a ‘boson’

So that they might fly unimpaired to the moon

Through the deadly Van Allen Belt radiation

And on to the cosmos and to the moon



It is only lately its been admitted

That quite likely

The ‘cosmos’ has already arrived here

In some unidentified flying object or another

So… they know


Thus, they now


The doomsday fearporn

That an asteroid is headed our way

Creating a fourth branch of the military

In preparation: a SPACE FORCE

To destroy that ‘asteroid’

Before it condemns


So… they know


The final move

For total control has been set in motion

For full digitized , sub-atomic

And spiritual domination of God’s own creation

The emergence of a novel contagion

Which has been declared a pandemic

And all are expected to accept inoculation

By a messenger RNA gene therapy

Joining the self-proclaimed trans-genders

Becoming, it would seem, trans-humans

New-age Adams and Eves

While the varied ‘messengers’ of God?

Most have bowed


One suspects that they all know

Something the rest of us don’t know

But hope for


They know



By Jahgirl

July 9, 2021