The SON of Many Names//1st version w/scriptures

….of all creation, and image of his Father, the Son of his love. (Col 1:13,14)
The earliest of God’s achievements, he began in the heavens above.
From times earlier than the earth itself he was installed.
He watched his Father create it all – he was enthralled. (Prov 8:22, 23)

He watched in breathtaking awe and enchantment
As the numbers and kinds of souls were enacted
And his particular fondness was with the sons of man:
The ones shaped wonderfully from clay and sand.
A garden he helped plant to sustain the earthling men.
All was perfect and good to eat save one tree within.
‘A master piece! A master piece!’ The angels declared!
Yes, only near to one tree they must never dare.
Still, splendidly robed are the lilies of the field
And how varied and how lush all the plants they yield–
The fruits of which are such delicious delights
And fill the bellies of all living souls day and night.
The only blight, a wily worm who struck and bit the heel-
Father and son, at the appointed time, with him will deal.

Glad before his father all the time and loving His new earth:
The watery deeps and ocean waves circling its girth;
Its mountains and cloud masses and varied vegetation;
And his fondness was with the sons of man in growing elation.

The SON of MAN –
He watched the serpent’s sting pass from father to sons-
As kicked out of the garden, the first family succumbed.
Without his protection the fallen ones flew down-
their heavenly place they gladly disowned-
And in their lust took their pick of ‘Eve’s’ beauties-
And by pain of brute force their husband’s duties.
Soon all the earth was defiled but one preacher, Noah-
Whose family- only- survived the Great Flood of Jehovah.

One day, with his brothers, he stood at his sofa
Before their father, The True God Jehovah.
The one named Satan deigned to be bothered
To also attend- approached and rebuked the Father.
In silence he heard Satan charge Job as overrated
And his Father’s benevolence upon him he berated:
‘You have bestowed upon this man Job overly much;
Bring him low and see if he stays blameless, upright and such.’
Within the clouds the fondest son, so fond of man
Watched from on high Job’s livestock slain–
his tears rained upon the wretched Oriental,
As seven sons and three daughters died as providential,
And the skin upon Job’s bones in boils suppurated-
Even his wife said ‘curse God’ as his wealth evaporated.
He listened to Job as friends sought reason and shame;
He rejoiced with his Father when Job said ‘God’s not to blame!’

He identified another much like Job, aggrieved and exiled;
Torn from his mother and marched to Babylon– Daniel.
Nebuchadnezzar tempted with food, wine and wealth,
But Daniel prayed three times a day to Jah without stealth
And by him revealed the meaning of the king’s deep dream—
An image golden-headed, silver, copper, iron plus clay it seemed. (Daniel 2:36-43)
Daniel’s faith saved him then and also from the lion’s den- (Dan 6:22)
Michael saw him worthy of a future message for earthling men –
So he came to help fight the Prince of Persia’s opposing derision
Against his Father’s angel delivering that ‘end-time’ vision. (Dan 10:12-14)

Born in the littlest town – Bethlehem Ephrathah – (Micah 5:2)
To even be counted among the thousands of Judah.
In a manger the babe was swaddled beneath a bright star
And angels, shepherds and mystics came from afar.
The angels sang and rejoiced and called him “GOOD NEWS”!
Gave glory to God and to men of goodwill, a hopeful prelude. (Luke 2:8-14)
He was the BELOVED by God, the only BEGOTTEN SON –
To save mankind he would prove to be the very ONE.
He grew to be a man strong, and strong in faith.
To the Jews he appealed, preaching: ‘Our God saith!’
While the Jews closed their ears, the nations were listening.
They welcomed his healing, their reddened eyes glistening.
Soon he had twelve, then thousands were following,
But in their fear and angst the Jews were wallowing.
‘He is but a sprout, an impudent imposter, no foretold king!’ (Jer 23:5)
‘No grandeur this carpenter among us ‘chosen’ can he bring!’
‘Look at him among the deaf, dumb, blind and leprous….’
‘So he knows the scriptures, but thinks he can fool us?’
‘We’ll scheme and see that he gets what he deserves-’
‘A damning trial and upon his back the painful scourge!’
A sacrifice they made the Romans mandate and comply,
And hung upon a stake the purest LAMB OF GOD.
No fight he gave; a sheep to the slaughter he accepted-
To show to man obeying Jah is blessed more than death is.
For in three days, his body gone, his soul rose from the dead —
He appeared to his disciples, placed the Word within their heads.
He proved to them all his WAY, his TRUTH and the LIFE,
And became the FAITHFUL WITNESS as he took flight—-
Ascending to the heavens, there they all stared aghast-
Their LORD and SAVIOR placed at God’s right hand at last!

The faithful men left behind were very well taught
In the divine wisdom from JESUS they had sought.
He’d made it quite clear, in fact three times John reports: (John 21:15-17)
If they all ‘truly did love him’, he gave this retort:
“Feed my lambs” and “shepherd my little sheep”.
‘Protect them from the wolves and the watery deep;’
‘Wield your strong rod of righteousness to clear out your WAY’
‘And your bright staff of TRUTH, let it never be swayed.’
‘Bring the flock through the treacherous ravines and strife’
‘To the paradisaic pasture of everlasting LIFE.’
By these loyal shepherds, in the manner that Jacob had,
The ‘speckled, dark brown and color patched sheep’ spread! (Gen 30:32)
Thus by these gifts in men there was fine care of his sheep.
His pasture increased by the travels of their comely feet. (Isaiah 52:7)
The FINE SHEPHERD looked down upon them, well pleased.
It would soon be time for Father’s earth to be seized.

(Jude 1:9; Rev 12:7)
Soon it would be-he knew not when-his Father would signal.
Satan infected the world- it was sickened, terminal and dismal!
In due time and without delay, Jehovah said ‘It is time!’
Michael confronted the liar with a long list of crimes.
‘You have twisted their minds and hearts against God’
‘Now out of heaven you go! We will not you abide!’
The armies of angels fought for ‘good’ or for ‘bad’-
But the victory was Michael’s and his angels were glad.
They watched the vanquished one drop in a rage
And hit the earth racing to herd man in a cage—
To pillage, pollute, trick to worship technology-
While devastating both man and earth’s ecology.
But there was a SACRED SECRET he was not aware of: (Rev 1:20)
Those who wore CHRIST’S armor he had not heard of.
As CHRIST had conquered, they conquered the world!
Surviving Satan’s seige, those welcomed their LORD!
They hailed the kingdom they’d prayed for as taught-
For now a thousand years no wars would be fought.
CHRIST’S faithful would now rebuild and replenish
And released from his hole, Satan will come to his finish.
Jehovah, in tears, will draw his refined one into his bosom
Granting everlasting kingship, Jah would honor and post him.
But turning to his Father, Michael will lovingly say to him-
‘Abba, like everything I’ve done, I willingly rescind.’
‘This earth was first your creation-I, just your apprentice.’
‘You trained and I helped, but I must recant this.’
‘Mine and my follower’s reward, if you must acknowledge’
‘Is the restoration of your sovereignty and your solace.’
‘All the honor, glory and worship belong only to you.’
‘Please bring death to an end and sleeping souls do renew.’
‘Your faithful witnesses-my namesake-true Christians’
‘Vindicated your name, accomplished your mission.’

‘O BELOVED SON, all will know of your fame!’
‘I am JEHOVAH, that is my [one] name!’
‘”I CAUSE ALL TO BE”’ and because of me all exist.’
‘But because of you, FINE SON, my love for man persists.’

By Jahgirl
February 3, 2013

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