Stinkin’ Troubles A’bubbling


Foaming from the depths/from the bowels of earth it bubbles/evil froths/oozing forth/ gritty/noxious/from the hellish dark/viscous/deep/in earth’s extremities/gushing forth/black and brackish and sulphurous/sucking back down into its loathsome depths perfect round sinkholes of dirt and rock/pockmarking the earth like a plague of inverted monkeypox pits/Satan’s emergence moves apace ever faster/ever confident/preparing terrified minds for the onslaught to come/for the madness and violence that they sense is on the horizon/bringing into existence his modern-day Eurosodom and Gomerica*…..


Man’s armies and odious war machines promising nuclear annihilation are not enough/everyman in the city the farmlands the city centers can open-carry weapons/accumulate military grade assault rifles and guns for their home artilleries/not just police or national guard/now even tax agents and mall guards/any civil servant must of necessity be at the ready for killing his fellow man/the filthy immigrant intruder/the reviled vaccine-hesitant/the useless homeless/even his good neighbor….


‘Faint out of fear’ has been foretold/still, somewhere unheard by mortal man/angel’s trumpets blow/the earth turns inside out in the cataclysm aborning/Satan has seeded poisons in the dirt/striped the skies such that instigate natural disasters from one end of the earth to the other/unquenchable forest fires and brimstone/monsoons and typhoons/earthquakes and floods/mysterious viral contagions/has seeded fear and hatred between neighbors/ ‘but have no fear’/Satan boasts/he has also made rise a global elite to harness all despair/despite pandemic and war/to bring ‘peace and security’….


His peace will be like the rainbow/in the days of Noah/coloring all the imagined manifestations of what a man/a woman/a trans- man or trans-woman/a Cis:either/or/man or woman/whatever gender one thinks that s/he wants to be/apart from what GOD created at birth in perfection/instead self-choosing a variegated rainbow of possibilities/sexualities in all colorful permutation/a spiteful challenge to GOD:/‘remember your rainbow promise/ to not destroy the earth/to punish us/ever again!’/’Now behold what earth has become/my creation!/ in my likeness/creation has become what ‘I’/Satan/want it to be’….


‘I AM’ answered/the one noted in the biblical records by a Tetragrammaton/four mysterious consonants/ YHWH/replied: I / ‘I CAUSE to be’/ ‘that is what my name means and NO one can claim my glory’/  ‘not you, my errant son/nor your misguided minions/soon I will correct you to the proper degree/by means of the one who loves me/that one rules all my heavenly angels/you will battle him with your demons and minions/and I will cause that son to win/I will cause that son to abyss you in the earth/that one I have anointed as mankind’s king/I will once again give mankind respite/peace/beauty/love/harmony/holy spirit/even my own throne will be with them/and after a little while Satan/you will be freed/you will want to rejoin in battle with your brother/Jesus/and his faithful angels’….


And you will finally– for the rest of eternity–Lose.


By Jahgirl

August 12, 2022


  • Article: The Decline and Fall of the Western Empire, by The Saker; Vineyard of the Saker