Storm’s Acoming

A storm’s acomin’!
An El Nino, they say, is abrewin’
The last one was for days and days arainin’
The West Coast towns kept afloodin’
And the desert hardpan kept asoakin’
We were glad to see the rivers afillin’
Now this new one that’s approachin’
Says has monster weather bands aformin’
Its patterns are quite concernin’
To those folks alert and discernin’
Might be a bit more devastatin’
Full of holy a’thunderin’ and a’lightnin’
The badlands will get such a rinsin’
When it’s over and done inundatin’
Some say it’s gonna be just tribulatin’
Not another Noah flood per sayin’
But you can bet on this, I’m prayin’
All the earth will have gotten a cleansin’



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