That Morning

That morning on their veranda

Shimmeringly sunny yet breezy

So very pleasant

They’d taken their coffee

Her husband and she

And each their usual newspaper sections

And had, as usual

Discussed disintegrating current events

Then…..after some moments

Something within her had

Had cracked….let go

Let go of all civilized pretense

That all was well in the world

She’d felt held-back fears spill out

Always threatening to consume her

Fear of certain impending doom

Climate catastrophe terror bombings

War threats police shootings ‘me too’

Corrupt elections UVs EMFs and AI etc etc

To name but the tip of the iceberg

As well as her husband’s umpteenth mention

Of the latest totally inappropriate

Sick unintelligent slanderous hateful

Immoral tweet and action

Of the current holder of the spurious title

President of the United States of America

(And arguably, of the world)

She’d arisen from her wicker chair

Without much thought nor hesitation

In unconscious reflex, feeling out-of-body

 ‘Quite like some kind of trance!’

Said her husband still in shock

And stepped down off their veranda

Began walking determinedly

Directly toward the wooded area

Edging their suburban sprawler

And disappeared that morning


Into its clean and leafy embrace


By Jahgirl