(TP/terrestrial people)


Who knew that ET was prophetic?

That the movie they all call iconic

Turns out to be also ironic

A cute ET yearning for home by telephonics


Fast forward 40 years up to this day 

Hipsters own a ‘smartphone’ in order to play

Games, to GPS themselves and to pay

For everything under the sun… oy vay!


Seems the phones are so smart

And the hipsters, they aren’t

Appears thousands in NYC living in aparts

Must use their phones to unlock their ‘smart’ lock parts


Sounds oh so convenient these things!

That ‘smart’ phone attached to your limb

The better to access the Internet-of-things

Til the IOT is down and can’t acknowledge its rings!


This did happen* and tenants had no key

Some were locked out, some in, however it be

So they sued to get their keys back immediately 

And there’s a moral there somewhere I hope you can see


By Jahgirl

June 8, 2019


*Article by  BN Frank, ‘Tenants want physical keys and win settlement against landlords who only want to provide smart locks’,, June 4, 2019