Train to Bethel

Hear this good news, O Son of man

I’m off and away to a new Bethel in New York!

An expansive ‘House of God’ on this Earth

Newly built for our Sovereign Lord Jehovah

His loyal servants have now completed the move

For more than 100 years in ‘the Big Apple’

Their ‘Read the Bible Daily’ sign reigned

In view of all the bridges crossing Brooklyn

Now the place of that message will be found

In a quaint upstate town called Warwick

Upon land nestled in abundant pine woods

Encircling a lovely serene blue-green lake

Jah’s people have built him a beautiful house

And I’m traveling by train… excited I am!

To bring to my God a housewarming gift


Now listen, O son of man

This trip I have planned for months

And Jah has helped me each step of the way

O, but that Opposer is up to his craftiness

In this world in which we are all pawns

Being but moved by our own inner voice

And just two days before departing

I received in the mail the latest ‘New Yorker’

A magazine almost as old as the city itself

And what should appear on the cover

To me incongruous in timing and intent?

Why, O son of man

An all-red cartoon scene out of Dante’s Inferno

With ‘hell’ depicted in a  New York sub station

Full of clueless and sweltering people

And a ‘Hell train’ being driven by the Devil!

Is there supposed to be a warning

Or some kind of dire message there

That would divert me from my zealous travel

To bask in being and seeing the light

At the end of this heinous world’s tunnel?

That would preclude me from the honor

Of being a guest in the new house of Jehovah?

O son of man and woman

If so, I turn a deaf ear and blind eye

With my heart and sight on the tracks ahead

I’ll be on a fast train to Jehovah’s new Bethel!


By Jahgirl