To me it has occurred

In all that I’ve observed

We’re in a strange position

Our world in spiritual transition 


It’s been so cleverly done 

By a serpentine cunning one

Like the trickery of magicians

With the complicity of politicians


Acceptance of wars appalling

The false reasons given galling

Worship of new technologies

Ignoring aftermath pathologies


Women’s frailties and sanctity mocked

In mannish depravities now locked

Men’s seed in vain they are spilling

Their babies given over to killing


A brutal war all the time somewhere

Carnage and blood everywhere

See deeply, it’s for someone’s sport

Games of greed, rapaciousness…that sort


Human activity is trending to bad

There’re few who would deny that fad

And too many sleeping while they walk

Unaware of whom they’re being stalked


A genius visionary of remarkable evil

A plan to take man to the lowest level

To a place where he’s no longer needed

In a tech world where he’s superseded


Where unending wars and death abideth

And women demanding infanticideth

Children confused about their gender

Their bodies drugged while oh so tender


Now the news of the mechanical womb

Which grew mice embryos to half bloom

Conditioned women will give up their eggs

To advance the agenda that progress begs


So soon, so very very soon now, mates

Prepare for the rise, not of the apes

But of un-gendered GMO humanoid clones

Progeny of our new Transworld zones