The War of Wars

From earth we scan the clouds above
Not able to see beyond nor within
Ascending and descending
A plane flies right through them
As if they were ephemeral
As though they had no substance
Not here, nor there
Whiffs of miasmic nothingness
To some, they are akin to ‘spirit’
Whiffs of miasmic nothingness
In which they neither see through
Beyond or within themselves

Some far better see the apps
Of man’s computational ‘cloud’
And gullibly send up to it in homage
All that they think, do, feel and hope for
In search of answers to their prayers
So up go queries to cyberspace
A miasmic whiff of nothingness
With power to capture and store
All of man’s God-given essence
In its cold, technocratic nothingness

Unseen by man the Battle Royal
Waged in heavens beyond imagination
A meek little lamb found loyal
Laid waste to a bull’s machinations
And sent him reeling in raging defeat
Penned forever by the pull of the earth
Where his power over man he tries to complete
And back to the heavens be launched

While the world is in woe and bedeviled
Rejoice that we cannot see this battle raging
In the miasmic nothingness
It is truly an epic of Somethingness
In a dimension beyond our eyes
The War of Wars for our souls

On one side the fallen legions
Of Satan the bull-headed son
All arrayed in the heavens of earth
Wind-driven clouds and ‘the cloud’
With his Nephilim based on the earth
Given authority as lords over men
His all-seeing eye spools out a web
Cocooning with invisible filaments
Of wavelengths and frequencies
Those unwarily entering his den

And this ‘eye’ lets him mimic our God-
All-seeing, hearing, tracking, knowing
The comings and goings of men

On the other side of the spectrum
The Beloved son and anointed
Called Michael, the Archangel
The lamb who now is appointed
Whom Satan is impotently jealous
And bitterly opposed to his kingship
Because toward God Michael was zealous
While his own splendid wings God clipped

Man will bear the pain and the angst
Of Satan’s vile and unfettered venom
Can the contrast be more clear
Between the lamb’s life-saving ransom
Gave his life for man he endeared
And now mustering his own angels
To battle the Hounds of Hell?

The final battle engages
The War meant to end all wars
In heaven, on earth, for all ages
It is raging from the earth to the stars

Out there in the misasmic nothingness
Where no man’s eyes can see
Satan’s legions are all amiss and a mess
As they portend what is to be
Before them good angels unnumbered
Filling the unlimited universe
And they know that they are encumbered
By God’s wrath they are cursed

The Lamb’s ranks upon the earth
A meek remnant of Job-like ones
In twos they bravely march forth
Against lies and blasphemy confront
Though knocked about and slain
They fight to proclaim without worry
And joyously see through their pain
Jehovah’s sure victory and glory!

By Jahgirl

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