World Cancelled




‘Uh oh…no!’


‘Who’da thought?’

‘Never in a million years!’

The howls and exclamations of horror

resound around the entire globe

Howls in every language under the sun

In the start of this auspicious year


Due to some vile thing called

The Coronavirus COVID-19


Thus, the world has been cancelled:

The Disneylands

The ‘happiest places on earth’!

The World Olympic Games extravaganza

Planned for showcase in Japan

Beloved college ‘March Madness’ basketball

Pro basketball season

Pro baseball season

All schools closed

All designer stores and malls closed

Movies theatres and tony restaurants

Millions let go at their jobs

People confined for months in their homes

Cars, buses, planes, trains idled

Commercial flights cancelled

Gargantuan cruise boat

playgrounds docked

And horrors of all horrors

Stock markets around the world

panicked and crashing

This and more, much much more

In every nation

As thousands sicken with this relentless

Contagious virus called


And far too many are dying

So, of course they search, but

Have not yet found

The ‘miracle’ drug

And global medical infrastructure

Is being pushed to the brink

Who had thought we’d need

Many tens of thousands of ventilators

For those whose lungs had hardened

Past the point of no return?

All humans have been ordered

By their national authorities

To hide and ‘Shelter in place’

‘Do nothing and go nowhere’

‘Until further notice’

So, all are in shock, wondering:

‘What the…!’

‘You’d think the world was coming to an end!’


By Jahgirl

March 31, 2020