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Just after sunrise

Just as the first light-golden glimmers

Of the sun begin to outline the blinds of my room

My bleary eyes gaze upon the wall before me

Where my artistic rendering of my God’s name

-In the form of the initials YHWH-

Hangs as an honored daily reminder in my life

And I began to speak to Jehovah……

O Jehovah….Jehovah

A new day awaits me after the unknowingness of the night

But it is by the fixed positions of all your  heavenly bodies

The stars, the moons, the planets and their rotations

That moves me to rejoice in our dawning sun

For, without fail, the glow of our sun follows each freighted night

Father, let this be the day……I beg

That you wrest back control of your creation

From the One who now rules it!

May today be your ‘appointed time’

For I well know that that One will never cease

His wanton and destructive abuse of man and the earth

No matter how many petitions or protest marches

Op-eds or appeals to man’s highest courts of the nations

Nor is he moved by our tears and sufferings

Father, we are living in the bleakest darkness

And we stumble about fruitlessly and in growing fear

Yet I have no fear, Heavenly Father!

For, without fail, just as the brightening light

From the sun outlines this new day before me

 So will the holy light from your only-begotten Son

Relentlessly overtake the gathering darkness in this world!

One day soon, I know that those of us with upturned faces

Searching for that light will have it with us eternally

Please hear my prayer, O God…

In the precious name and blood of your Son…

Our Christ and King, Jesus



By Jahgirl

September 7, 2021